Tampon Tango (1984)

  • 片名:Tampon Tango (1984)
  • 导演:山本政志
  • 类别:剧情
  • 地区:日本
  • 语言:日语
  • 主演:Takako Aomori/Takao Honda/Kaori Kawaguchi
  • 上映日期:1984
  • 片长:55分钟
  • 外文名:Tampon Tango
  • 又名:Oshiri Rhapsody
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The title do refer to one scene that is stated as “never been done before” were one girl wants to get fucked with tampons added into her vagina forcibly. Once that happens you see one guy playing guitar with his cock, some other one breaking a stone with it. Between that there are intercauses and some weird ending. Strange film indeed.
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